The Last Hours of Elvis Presley (by Jeff Schrembs)

It is with great sadness that I have issued this post. However, I do so SOLELY in an attempt to “correct” so many false rumors that have (sadly) been around since 1977 (and continue through this day).

It is with the utmost respect for Elvis Presley, his family, and his legacy that I (in my own way) offer these facts in a “good faith way” acknowledging that on August 16, 1977 this World lost the Greatest Entertainer (who ever lived) as well as a Father – Friend – Beloved Relative – ex Husband, etc. Thank you.



Last Hours of Elvis Presley

(Authored by Jeff Schrembs – all rights reserved)

*Please note that all times are based upon “first hand recollections” taken during the time period of August 16, 1977 through October 27, 197. All times are “CST” which is Central Standard Time for Memphis Tennessee.

Tuesday, August 16, 1977:

12:00 (Midnight):Elvis, along with his girlfriend Ginger Alden, return to Graceland after Elvis requested and received “dental assistance” (note: it has been reported that Elvis was given a “temporary crown”) earlier at (approximately) 10:30 pm via Elvis’ Dentist Dr. Lester Hofman.

2:30 am:Elvis calls his Doctor and asks for specific painkillers. Elvis stated that he had a dental procedure done earlier, as could not sleep and needed his rest for the upcoming tour, and was experiencing tooth pain. The Doctor issues the prescription for the medication requested by Elvis and Elvis sends his step-brother (i.e. Ricky Stanley) to pick up six Dilaudid pills for Elvis from the “all night pharmacy” located at Baptist Memorial Hospital.

4:00 am: Elvis still cannot sleep at which point he awakens his “first cousin” Billy Smith, along with Billy Smith’s wife Jo, and “invites” them to play racquetball with him. Elvis, being heavily medicated, tired, and anxious about leaving later on in the day for his first tour since the “press onslaught” concerning the book “Elvis What Happened” plays the racquetball game while barely moving.

4:30 am: Elvis, after completing the game of racquetball, stops at the piano (located directly outside the racquetball court), and plays two gospel songs (note: there is disputes about what songs were played but it has been stated that the “belief” is that Elvis played; Precious Lord, How Great Thou Art, and/or Old Rugged Cross) along with one “non-gospel song” entitled “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.”

5:00 am: Elvis, along with his girlfriend Ginger Alden, say goodnight and go directly up to Elvis’ bedroom. Elvis then takes a “package of pills” (note: Elvis routinely had his medications put into “packages” so that he did not have to rummage through medication bottles and possibly take the wrong medications). This specific “package of pills” was put together by his personal Physician and was to be taken “twice each day”.

7:00 am: Elvis takes a second “package of pills” (note: Elvis had separate “package of pills” for “pain” and, as example, one for “sleep’ and one for “wake up”, etc.).

8:00 am:Elvis is still unable to sleep at which point he calls his Aunt, Delta Mae Biggs who also resides at Graceland, to “bring him a third package of pills”. She arrives, with the third package of pills, a few moments later (note: Delta Mae Biggs, along with a few “trusted” family members/Memphis mafia members, were entrusted with keeping “readily available “packets of medications” for Elvis at all times”.

9:30 am: Elvis, in his bedroom with Ginger Alden, informs Ginger that he still cannot sleep and tells her that he is going into his bathroom to read (note: there are disputes concerning which book Elvis takes with him and the dispute is between the books; “The Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus” and/or “The Prophet”. It is our belief that the most reliable source is that Elvis took “The Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus” and he left “The Prophet” on his bedside table”. While Elvis is heading towards his bathroom, book in hand, Ginger replies to Elvis “Don’t fall asleep in there”. Elvis’ response is “Okay, I won’t,” Sadly, these are the last words that Elvis ever said that was heard by anyone.

1:30 pm:Ginger awakes from her sleep and is surprised to find that Elvis is not asleep beside her (note: it was an “unwritten rule” that whoever went to bed with Elvis was entrusted with checking on him regularly. This was done because in addition to Elvis being a sleep walker he was also on medications that could “kick in”, all of a sudden, rendering Elvis unable to complete whatever it was that he was doing at the time such as eating, reading, etc. For Elvis to have been “unchecked” from approximately 9:30am until 1:30pm was HIGHLY UNUSUAL). She immediately goes to the bathroom door and knocks while saying “Elvis are you ok”. After getting no response she opens the bathroom door and discovers Elvis lying on the bathroom floor. Ginger immediately, and frantically, calls out (including using the intercom system and the telephone) for Elvis’ Associates (i.e. Al Strada and Joe Esposito). Al Strada, and Joe Esposito, arrive and try to move Elvis and check his vitals and they immediately call for an ambulance conveying that it is an “EMERGENCY involving Elvis Presley”.

2:04pm: The ambulance arrives at Graceland at which point the medics try to revive Elvis and check his vitals. Elvis is put onto a stretcher and placed into the ambulance and it is relayed to Baptist Memorial Hospital that Elvis is “unresponsive” and en route.

2:56 pm: Elvis Presley arrives via ambulance at Baptist Memorial Hospital and is taken into the Emergency Room where Doctors, and medical care providers, frantically try to revive Elvis. All attempts to revive Elvis are unsuccessful.

3:30 pm: The Physicians at Baptist Memorial Hospital officially pronounce that “Elvis Presley” is dead. The “official cause of death” is “cardiac arrhythmia” (note: the Coroners Autopsy notes reflect that Elvis may have suffered from heart disease and, in fact, Elvis heart was reported to have been “one and a half times the size of a normal mans heart with the same height/weight/age”. Elvis Presley’ Autopsy was completed at 7:00pm CST officially) which means “stopped heart”.

4:00 pm: Surrounded by a “sea of reporters” Vernon Presley informs the press that “My son is dead.”


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