www.ElvisCollector.info is THE Elvis Presley Website for Elvis Collectors

Calling Elvis Presley Fans, and Collectors, everywhere; If you have yet to check out www.ElvisCollector.info do yourself a favor and do so today.

Not only does www.ElvisCollector.info convey details about the life of Elvis Presley but it does so without any “ads, pop-ups, or gaffe” that minimizes the life of the King of Rock and Roll.

www.ElvisCollector.infoonly states FACTS and is open to every aspect of the life of the Worlds Greatest Entertainer…Elvis Aron Presley (birth-name we choose to use “Aron” as is on his birth certificate).

If you like to see things that Elvis owned, and achieved, along with RARE photographs combined with the Worlds Renowned Elvis Presley Expert and Collector (i.e. Mr. Jeff Schrembs of America) then www.ElvisCollector.info is a “must visit favorite” for your Internet Browser.

Not only is Jeff Schrembs THE foremost “Elvis Advocate” but he gives honest, insightful, input into the man himself…Elvis Presley.

There are MILLIONS of Elvis Sites but very few meet/exceed the criteria of being informative, accurate, and from a perspective of an honest fan and firsthand witness (as a dedicated fan) to events of the life of Elvis Presley.

With additional photographs, videos, audio fees, blogs, and documents being added/updated monthly it is evident that www.ElvisCollector.infois an extension of the “sharing of Elvis Presley Memorabilia/Collectibles” that has occurred since the beginning of Elvis’ career (i.e. 1954 est.) and remains true to this day.

The life of Elvis Aron Presley should not be regulated to his birthday, the anniversary of his death, and tracks in Disney Movies. www.ElvisCollector.info sheds new light on the Greatest Singer/Performer…ever.

Take care and God bless.


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