Memphis Mafia Member confirm Elvis never in London (by Jeff Schrembs)

Note: At the request of Jeff Schrembs, who is recovering, we are posting this article concerning the rumors of Elvis going to London. Happy New Year to all.

In response to the rumors about Elvis Presley having gone to London, without any pictures being taken or the Press reporting it, Mamphis Mafia Member Marty Lacker said “Elvis never went to London”. In spite of this comment by Marty Lacker, and other members of the Memphis Mafia, the rumor persists in some circles. Hence, my response is as follows: 

Marty Lacker is an honest, and tireless Elvis advocate, man. If he says Elvis never went to London then…Elvis never went to London.
There are many interviews where Elvis was asked about “going overseas” and Elvis lists the times he was out of the States (i.e. Paris, Canada, Germany, etc.) and he NEVER says “London”.Does anyone really believe that Elvis, during the height of his fame ventured to London without photos being taken OR the Press reporting it?
For others to “question” about members of the Memphis Mafia having “different memories” about the same events who doesnt? A recent poll taken said that 28% of Americans don’t believe that the hijackers of 9/11 were Muslim! That was (sadly) eight years ago. Elvis, sadly, died 30+ years ago and it is possible that individuals recollections may differ BUT that does not mean that they are “wrong”. People remember events differently and if you don’t believe so then I WELCOME you to attend ANY Civil or Criminal Proceeding in the US Courts. You will have “sworn experts” differing over accounts that are ON VIDEO TAPE!
The fundamental point is that IF Marty Lacker, and/or anyone else of the Memphis Mafia, have things they are working on that would monetarily benefit them…so what? Their insight, and knowledge, is useful and desired and they should monetarily benefit…period!
I know this and that is that Elvis LOVED and trusted these men over a period of thirty years (some less of course) but we are talking about real men with real families and real feelings.
And Elvis was not a “9 – 5 Monday to Friday and two weeks off a year job”. Elvis was 24/7 and his nights were his days and vice versa. Man, I get stomach cramps when my “routine” is off by a few hours then add in traveling for TEN YEARS (approximately) over 150 days a year…WOW. And some people “question” different accounts…amazing.
Lastly, Marty Lacker is an HONORABLE MAN and no amount of money could “buy” his silence OR his ignoring false statements. I applaud his efforts and at his age, and after what he has endured, he DESERVES to be respected/honored/acknowledged by EVERY Elvis Fan and that means that these “implied swipes” should end…once and for all.
We should all be so lucky to have men of quality like Marty Lacker, and many of the men that were Elvis’ friends, for ONE DAY…let alone decades.
I would put my “Elvis knowledge” up against anyones and facts are facts.
I hope that this ends this “speculation” for life is too short.
Take care and God bless.
Jeff Schrembs


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