Request to the Presley Family & EPE (2011 All Rights Reserved Jeff Schrembs)

To Priscilla, Lisa Marie, all of the Presley relatives, Lisa Marie’s Husband Michael Lockwood,  and the heirs of Lisa Marie Presley (i..e each of her children):

First and foremost THANK YOU to Priscilla, Jack Soden, and Lisa Marie for “starting from scratch” after Elvis passing and then Vernon’s’ passing in ensuring that; Celebrities Family Members retained rights to the likeness/name/etc. of Elvis, opening Graceland to Elvis Fans Worldwide, and for acknowledging Elvis Fans Worldwide by having events throughout each year all across the Globe.

Here are (3) three suggestions that would (a) excite Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide (b) further cement Elvis’ place as the Worlds Greatest Entertainer (c) showcase Elvis’ life works in a unique way by telling all sides of Elvis amazing life and (d) be a GREAT avenue to start healing the divide that has existed for far too long between some Members of the Memphis Mafia and the Estate which, in turn, makes Elvis Fans Worldwide to “pick a side”. This is NOT to minimize what anyone did, did not do, try to do, etc. It is simply accessing, while there is still time, the living breathing ASSETS concerning Elvis’ remarkable life – including the ups and downs – AND must have an equal emphasis on Elvis Vocal abilities and health sacrifices from 1973 through 1977.

FIRST REQUEST: It is my hope that there is, in coming years/decades/etc., much more “out of the box” input and FORMAL ACKNOWLEDGMENT(s) (individually and collectively)  to; the Memphis Mafia Members specifically Marty Lacker, Lamar Fike, Red West, Sonny West, Billy Smith, etc.

SECOND REQUEST: If there were a series of “OFFICIAL” Elvis Presley’s’ life story (which of course should include the Memphis Mafia Members) that addresses EACH YEAR of Elvis time in show buisiness (i.e. 1954 through 1977). Each year should be a “stand alone product” and include songs, dvds, interviews, press conferences, interviews with the Memphis Mafia, rare photos, etc.

THIRD REQUEST: Also there has to be a way to get the LEGAL RIGHTS to the movie/documentary entitled “The Pied Piper of Cleveland: A Day in the Life of a Famous Disc Jockey (aka: Bill Randle)” which includes early Elvis Concert footage. Once you have the rights have the footage digitally enhanced so that the images and the MUSIC is EXACTLY as it was when Elvis recorded it.

I believe that these three requests, should they be followed through on, would make existing Elvis Presley Fans ecstatic but it would open up new fans to Elvis as well.

Many years ago I was proud to meet  Todd Morgan, whose untimely death occurred in 2008 and he was only 45, almost from the beginning of his career at Graceland starting in 1983. We were (approximately) the same age and we both tried to “one up” one another. I followed Todd’s career and was pleased to see his efforts and results rewarded by him being promoted within Graceland and EPE as he truly deserved it. Many of the things we discussed actually came to pass and I believe had it not been for Todd Morgan, and his ability to be excited about Elvis just like a “normal Elvis fan” (caution OXYMORON) was. In many ways Todd was THE face, calming influence, go to guy, at EPE/Graceland and Elvis Fans Worldwide lost  an irreplaceable asset to the Elvis Presley Fan Community and our hearts/prayers/thoughts will always go out to Todd’s family, friends, and loved ones.

Since Elvis passing there have been many successes in keeping Elvis name, and body of work, “front and center” and their have been many items issued lacking quality – good taste – etc. Thankfully over these past 3 decades many of these “inferior” products have been put out of business. I hope that the intensity of “quality versus quantity” remains a top priority.

I hope that Elvis Fans Worldwide will take this posting, share their thoughts, forward it to others, and state their support directly to EPE/Graceland or just to other Elvis Presley Fans.

Take care and God bless.

Jeffrey Schrembs


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