Lamar Fike, Elvis Presleys’ Beloved Friend, passed away 1/21/2011 (by Jeff Schrembs 2011 All Rights Reserved)

It is with much sadness that Lamar Fike, one of Elvis’ closest friends, passed away on January 21, 2011 in Arlington Texas at the age of 75. Elvis met Lamar in 1954 and started to work with Elvis in 1957 and after brief stints elsewhere became Elvis’ Lighting Director and the source of great humor and fun and Elvis loved him greatly.

Our prayers, thoughts, gratitude and humble wish for the pain of Lamars’ passing to be replaced with blessed memories (after the respectful time to mourn) go out to; Lamar’s family and specifically Tommy McDonald Lamars’ Cousin and to each member of the Memphis Mafia specifically Lamar Fike, Red West, Sonny West, Billy Smith, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling, etc.

Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide have lost a GREAT RESOURCE with Lamars’ passing and someone who was known to be “brutally honest” and shared his memories, life, and tears with Elvis Fans Worldwide concerning his time with Elvis.

We would (again) ENCOURAGE/ASK that Priscilla, Lisa Marie, and EPE to once and for all FORMALLY ACKNOWLEDGE/SUPPORT/ETC. each member of the Memphis Mafia, along with their family members, for the window of time for healing and acknowledgment decreases. Each of these men are deserving of our respect and they have EARNED the right to be an integral part of anything/everything related to Elvis Presley and the Fans deserve to see it – read about it – and know it now…and always.

As I am (personally) undergoing my own health issue, concerning Papillary Thyroid Cancer, which I am in the midst of Nuclear Radiation Therapy I mustered up the strength to author these words (and it has taken me a week and I regret not being able to do so earlier but I have been very ill with complications) with the hopes that they find the ears, and hearts, of Elvis Fans Worldwide and to each member of the Memphis Mafia and to Priscilla, Lisa Marie, Jack Soden, and EPE. We are ALL connected by God but only a few we allowed to be Elvis’ friends and they say if a man dies and leaves behind ONE man who remembers his name his life was a success. Well, Elvis left behind QUALITY men, of great character and talents, and they are/were known as a group – which included Lamar Fike – aka: the Memphis Mafia. May God bless them and their family members as well.

Jeffrey Schrembs


2 thoughts on “Lamar Fike, Elvis Presleys’ Beloved Friend, passed away 1/21/2011 (by Jeff Schrembs 2011 All Rights Reserved)

  1. Family is family..tiffs happen and disagreements but not to respect each other regardless is shameful.. I wonder if it weren’t just the money and actually really just the great memories everyone has of Elvis and money and greed put aside if you could actually be human EPE

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