Thank you Marty Lacker, Red West, Sonny West, Billy Smith, Joe Esposito and Jerry

Sadly, this year Elvis Fans Worldwide lost Lamar Fike one of the members of Elvis Presley’ Memphis Mafia. We also lost Myrna Smith last December who was one of the talented vocalists of the Sweet Inspirations.

Who knows what this year holds…for any of us? How many of us given the information that “so and so”, of the Memphis Mafia, is dying would not of reached out to send their thoughts/love/thanks/etc.? As the remaining living breathing three dimensional walking talking witnesses to Elvis’ greatness, onstage and off, for three decades (or more) each member of the Memphis Mafia holds cherished memories of Elvis’ life, his personality, his hopes, his dreams, etc. and yet for whatever reason(s) they are not fully acknowledged enough – told how much we appreciate them and the sacrifices of their family – and that we believe each of the members of the Memphis Mafia (i.e. Marty Lacker, Red West, Sonny West, Billy Smith, Jerry Schilling, and Joe Esposito), who want it, should be afforded some OFFICIAL capacity within EPE. Can you imagine an “American Idol type show” whereby the Judges were made up of  Memphis Mafia Members and they REALLY critique?

How about re-releasing Elvis’ movies with “DIRECTORS CUTS” containing hours and hours of “bonus footage” whereby the Memphis Mafia relived what happened during the filming of each movie, how Elvis interacted with his co-stars, etc.

What about a Memphis Mafia series in a venue where they are all sitting down and asked questions both from the crowd and via Internet Chat and the event backed by EPE? This would give each member of the Memphis Mafia something to do that they loved AND monetarily benefit then and (with residuals) from then on.  These are just a few ideas but worth pursuing.

I encourage every Elvis Fan Worldwide to reach out to each of these members of the Memphis Mafia now…and often. Each of them are deserving of our respect, appreciation, acknowledgment, and our thanks. The same thing with each of their family members.

Please join me in saying THANK YOU to each of these deserving men and most of all…never forgeting their accomplishments.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeffrey Schrembs 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

*Note: Jeffrey Schrembs is a Worldwide renowned Elvis Presley Expert, Historian and Collector


5 thoughts on “Thank you Marty Lacker, Red West, Sonny West, Billy Smith, Joe Esposito and Jerry

  1. Sonny West & Red West, & Dave H. wrote the book, Elvis What Happened. I think they broke Elvis heart. The world didn’t need to know all the detail of his life, we all have short commings including them and that book is certainly one of them, BigTime!

    Alot of us Elvis fans will not forget or forgive them for it. I think Liza Marie Presley said she ” holds alot of unspoken grudge.

    1. Thanks for your comment and for being an Elvis Fan.
      I believe that Elvis truly loved, and cared, for Red and Sonny and I know that if they had it all to do over again things would have been…different.
      YES I agree that the book “Elvis What Happened” caused Elvis great harm and damaged his already broken heart and psyche. Nonetheless, I think that Elvis is in heaven and enough time has passed when their sacrifices/contributions should be put in CONTEXT (i.e. three decades of loyalty versus a terrible decision to write/publish that book) and that we acknowledge and reach out to them before they too leave this Earth.
      Take care and may God bless you.

  2. As a young girl in the 60’s and 70’s I loved Elvis Presley. When he passed I was heartbroken! I felt hurt for Elvis when the book :Elvis’What Happened?” came out but after reading it recently Elvis was no different than some of the rock stars of today. What he did was tame compared to some of the stuff the young stars do today. “Time heals all wounds” should be applied to these people. Over the years I have watched interviews with some of the Memphis Mafia and they truly did care about Elvis! May Charlie Hodge, Lamar Fike andMryna Rest in Peace.I know they are singing with Elvis .And may God Bless the remaining Memphis Mafia. I am saddened when I hear that someone in Elvis’ circle has died. There will NEVER be another Elvis nor the group that surrounded him over the years. I wish nothing but good health to all of them and especially Martha Esposito. Joe was a loyal friend to Elvis and may her remaining days on this Earth be without pain and suffering! God Bless each and every one of them!

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