The beautiful, yet haunting, eyes of Elvis Presley’s mother Gladys

The Elvis Presley Expert

Gladys Love (Smith) Presley.

Fitting that “Love” is her middle name for it was the essence of her especially when it came to her only child (being Elvis) that (a) lived to full term and/or (b) survived being born.

Many people are unaware that Gladys had at least two pregnancies (note: please see out the great Elvis Presley books written by Alanna Nash that cover this in detail and are a pleasure to read) with the first bearing twins (i.e. Jessie who died on January 8, 1935 and Elvis who, of course, was born January 8, 1935) and the second (sadly) ending in a miscarriage.

Back in the day it was widely believed that Elvis father, being Vernon Elvis Presley, was the “best looking young man around”. Being from the South I know that these five words are not freely given and if one was deemed the “best looking man around” then…

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