Elvis Presley during August in his lifetime

1969 side shot head down BW

August 1, 1955 — Elvis appeared at the Tupelo Fairgrounds. It was his first professional show in his hometown.


August 15, 1955 — The first managerial contract linking Elvis and Colonel Parker was signed by both men.


August 22, 1956 — Principal photography began on Elvis’s first movie, Love Me Tender, on 20th Century Fox’s lot in Hollywood.


August 24, 1956 — Elvis recorded the song “Love Me Tender” in Hollywood.


August 31, 1957 — Elvis performed a controversial concert at Empire Stadium in Vancouver, B.C. It was Elvis’s last concert outside of the U.S.


August 14, 1958 —Elvis’s mother, Gladys, died in Memphis.


August 16, 1960 — Principal photography on Elvis’s sixth movie, Flaming Star, began at the Conejo Movie Ranch in Thousand Oaks, CA.


August 29, 1962 — Kid Galahad, Elvis’s tenth film, opened nationwide.


August 7, 1965 — Principal photography began on Paradise, Hawaiian Style, Elvis’s 21st movie.


August 27, 1965 — The Beatles came for an evening visit with Elvis at his Perugia Way home in California.


August 16, 1977 — Elvis Presley died in Memphis at the age of 42.


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